Understanding Research

We’ve all heard the phrases, “according to the latest research,” and “a recent study found that.” And, a lot of times, we hear them and wholeheartedly believe the information that follows. But have you ever thought about these studies and the processes necessary to gather all of that information?    When I first started school […]

Standing Out In A World Of Infinite Supply

The past three months, I have been out on maternity leave, and although I wasn’t working in the office, my marketing brain is always turned on.  While shopping for products for my newborn, a few things were going through my head. First, there are a ridiculous amount of products needed for a child, and second, […]

Organization Culture at First Flight Agency

Our Organization Culture I believe we have a great organization culture at First Flight Agency, and I love working here in part because of that experience. Our agency director created a great environment for team growth and cohesion. Even though we operate separately, we grew out of The Pilot, and Publisher David Woronoff has also […]