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If your business is struggling to keep pace with ever-growing costs of digital advertising – it may be time to consider a more holistic and grass-roots approach. Most of our customers are blissfully unaware how their existing fans can be leveraged to grow their business, help with content marketing efforts, and generate a huge stream of referral based leads. Tribal marketing and loyalty programs are powerful tools to help transform brand perception and engagement into customer awareness and ultimately, meaningful advocacy.

Building a tribe of loyal brand ambassadors is easier than you may think, especially if your business has grown steadily over the years by delivering a superior product or service. Just like the age old “word of mouth” advertising, this marketing strategy is based on turning 1 ambassador into 2, and then 2 into 4 and so on. Assuming that these fans are coordinated and incentivized in some way, your tribe can start small and grow into thousands.

While tribal marketing primarily assists with increasing awareness and assisting a business gain new customers, loyalty programs help clients retain their existing loyal customers by keeping them engaged through various types of purposeful incentivized programs. 

Oftentimes tribal marketing and loyalty programs can go hand in hand. Tribe members who are consistently promoting a brand in turn may reap the benefits of their loyalty via rewards and incentive programs from the business.

At First Flight Agency we have the ability to build first-class customer advocacy, loyalty and ambassador programs for your business and integrate them into centralized business process.