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Projects often follow a traditional “waterfall” process where they are completed in distinct stages. All the detailed planning is done upfront and then executed in a linear fashion—ultimately with the hope that there won’t be any changes to the plan. With creative and technical productions however, this is rarely the reality and that linear process yields unwanted delays and cost overruns.

With agile methodology, projects are executed in an iterative process instead of linear. Solutions are able to evolve through the effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customers—ultimately allowing a more collaborative experience between all shareholders of a project. More importantly, clients are able to “test drive” their product before getting too far down the road.

For example, imagine if your team was tasked with creating a paper airplane that can successfully fly across a room. With agile methodology in place, your teammates would be assigned different roles—one who would perform quality check, another who would be responsible for improving the process itself, and everyone would be concentrating on building as many planes as possible. Since agile is an iterative process, you’d agree on constructing and testing variations of paper airplanes in different cycles.

The point is, with agile methodology your team is able to test the product frequently and make improvements as you go along. By the final cycle, your team should be faster with improvements and the product should be at its peak success. Moreover, the agile approach is often faster and cheaper than the waterfall methodology.

At First Flight we aren’t just concerned about delivering quality end-products, we also ensure the entire process is collaborative and successful along the way. Read more about Agile.