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eCommerce (electronic commerce) is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the internet.

More than ever, people are moving their shopping habits to the digital landscape. Even if some consumers still prefer to buy in store, most(60%+) are using their mobile phones to discover new products and services online. Even more are influenced to buy products that are referred or shared from people that they trust.

But eCommerce is so much more than just building a webshop. It invariably involves sourcing and analyzing online behavior data about consumer trends, buying cycles, user analytics to optimize your content. It’s also about ensuring you speak to your audience in a personalized manner as much as possible and optimizing customer service communications better to build stronger relationships in a marketplace brand loyalty is steadily declining.

Using proven techniques like retargeting, deep e-mail integrations, social sharing & influencing, digital promotions, loyalty programs, advocacy, on-site SEO, and PPC campaigns, our strategy will grow your customer base, drive conversions, and ultimately boost sales.

Our team at First Flight Agency is here to lift your eCommerce from a web storefront to a truly electronic ecosystem that works for you, your business, and your customers. Read more about eCommerce.