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Building automation, technology, software and apps into your business communications and processes isn’t about replacing the human relationship you currently have with your employees, partners, customers and prospects. It’s more about leveraging efficiency and data to improve these existing relationships – increasing mutual value across the board.

Whether it’s connecting your existing software together through REST API’s (Application Programming Interface), building reporting dashboards, creating a new mobile web app that makes your website function smarter and in a more personalized way… Technology can’t simply be ignored or put on the back burner anymore! Especially considering that your clientele is increasingly moving faster and is becoming more impatient and the efficiencies related to these advancements are often so great, that they pay for themselves in a few months not years.

At First Flight we help our clients not only with marketing and advertising campaigns, we ensure that these communications campaigns become truly functional, effective and efficient for both external and internal audiences, cutting down and simplifying your business processes while leveraging your true USPs.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Native Mobile App Development (Android, iOS)
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Personalized – multi-step – customer journey websites (Web 3.0)
  • Bespoke Corporate Intranet and Collaboration Environments
  • Desktop PC Software and Employee Dashboard
  • Data-bridges, Software Connectors and API’s
  • Custom CMS component development