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web design, Micro sites

Web design is the creative and technical development process for creating a website that focuses on aesthetic factors like layout, user interface(UI), user experience (UX), messaging and visual imagery in order to make your website convert more of the traffic from visitors to customers. As much of our work is, web design is also an iterative process when a design takes shape from sketches and wireframes, and get modified into a first version that goes live. We then use real-time user data to optimize and further improve the website design.

Web design is also as much of a technical process as a creative one. Our designers have to work hand in hand with our web front-end developers and engineers to ensure that technology is adequately improving the functionality of the web design. Technologies like jQuery, javascript and 3JS can elevate the user experience as well as the design esthetics and can’t simply be applied later in the process. At First Flight we always strive to combine Form with Function.

A micro site is “sub-site” that focuses on a single campaign or specific landing page destinations. They are usually temporary, built around a single, digital marketing campaign packed with its own content built around its own consistent themes and keywords. This campaign element is supported by social media, video content, search engine marketing and while not aren’t necessarily mandatory, can elevate your campaigns by increasing keyword relevancy and drastically improving conversions.