Quality Assurance Specialist Faith Manning
Tell Me About Your Business
Faith Manning

Quality Control Manager

When it comes to telling your brand’s story, you are the best voice for your business. When working with an agency or content writer to revamp your existing website or build a new one, creating your site’s written segments can be a daunting task. Content writers can research your services, products, and physical attributes of your business and write in a voice that reflects your brand. But can they tell YOUR story without your input? Most likely, but they will tell an incomplete version. Your experiences, why and how you started your business, your mission, why you chose certain products, the details of your services — these are the nuggets consumers grab. These are your connection points.

From an agency perspective, coming up with strong content with little client input– and I’m not going to lie to you — is HARD! You’re busy. We get it. You have more important things to do than compile information and details for your website. It’s overwhelming when someone asks you to whip up some content. You’ll ask yourself, “What the heck is “content”? Where do I even begin? Besides, that’s what I hired someone for, right?” Right-ish. 

Good, compelling content is essential because it leads consumers to form an opinion of your brand. It’s what many potential customers digest before even setting foot in your store or picking up the phone. Keep in mind most of those nuggets I mentioned earlier aren’t lying around in plain view. Providing as much information as possible at the start of a project is crucial. Once they have it, the content writers can get busy and give you back something meaningful to review. Not only will the written bits be more accurate, but your input will create a more authentic voice.  Below is a fun exercise in thinking about your business. Whether you are facing the task of providing content or not, you’re sure to find a few nuggets to put in your pocket for a later date. 

Think of your business as a living, breathing being asking:

Who am I?

Why does your business exist? Is it to sell baked goods? To tutor a struggling student or provide medical care? Where does your business live? Why did you choose this location, and how does it fit in with the community? Does your business reach beyond your local community? 

Where did I come from?

How did your business evolve? From an idea? A field of study, your family, or even another business? How old is your business? If you just started, that’s great, and you probably have a lot to say! And it’s fresh in your mind. You may even have examples of how you pivoted to your customers’ feedback. Maybe your business is older than you. Fantastic! Tell us the history. Tell us your journey, because, surely, you’ve changed some things around.

What makes me unique?

How does your business stand out? Does it carry hard-to-find products? Maybe your company is known for quality service or proven results. Whatever it is that your business does, and does differently, or better, is a part of the story to tell.

Do I have any friends?

Positive customer testimonials and reviews are gold for your marketing efforts. I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, “There’s nothing better than a satisfied customer.” That is true. But a happy customer’s word only goes so far on its own. Include them in your content to carry it even further and put them right in front of new potential happy customers. It works! 

Giving time and thought to your site will be rewarding. Don’t worry how your answers sound because content writers can polish and deliver your story with all the right pieces, I mean, nuggets.