Predicting Client’s Needs & Anticipating Changes
Grace Crawford

Project Manager

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I previously shared that the ultimate goal of client relationships is providing a $100 Experience—but what are the exact steps to getting there? One important way to cultivate a flourishing client-agency relationship is to predict the client’s needs and anticipate any changes. 

Fresh out of college and as a novice account executive, I learned this lesson the hard way when handed the reins to run my first ever major convention for a client. I had done everything the client had asked: the convention booth was perfectly designed, the long-awaited interactive visual aid was good to go, market research was lined up, our pre-conference email campaigns had high click-through rates, and our perfectly designed and rendered video books were ready for the attendees. But my supervisor was not impressed. 

It turns out I hadn’t ordered some brochures for our client’s convention booth. I simply didn’t understand—the client didn’t ask for these brochures, so why should I have ordered them? My supervisor explained that while the client hadn’t specifically asked for them, they’re going to need them. And she was right. 

After being humbled by this experience, I learned that sometimes clients might not exactly know what they want until it is too late. It is up to us as account managers to be well-versed in our client’s business and two steps ahead at all times. We ultimately add value by grasping the needs and challenges our clients aren’t even aware of yet. 

While initially, it may be a bit anxiety-provoking to constantly anticipate our clients’ needs, backpedaling to fix easily avoidable issues is more stressful in the long run. Not to worry, though, the more seasoned you become—both as an account manager and in learning your client’s business—the more second nature it will be to think like your client and know their customer.

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