What We Did

Multi-Channel Advertising
Social Media
Reputation Management
When you’re the new owner of the only multiplex theater in town (and it’s one with a less-than-stellar reputation), you’ve got to make some big moves to overhaul popular opinion. And that’s just what Carolina Cinemas did. Along with massive renovations of the theater’s amenities, they have created a new experience, and we helped define the look and messaging for marketing the new brand.

Carolina Cinemas: Signage

Carolina Cinemas needed updated signage for the Sandhills 10 location. Sticking with their classic red, white and black color combo and new logo, we designed lighted lettering, along with a nod to retro theater style with a vertical marquee visible from the adjacent roadways along with matching lighted street entrance signs.

Carolina Cinemas: Print & Web Advertising

Under entirely new ownership and management, Carolina Cinemas has been able to rewrite the script when it comes to advertising and promotions. Through print and digital avenues, we have created a fun, classic, and cohesive campaign to promote theater specials, concessions, and upcoming events. Whether for their in-house screens or local print publications, having set brand guidelines and a consistent voice has helped Carolina Cinemas establish themselves in the community.

Carolina Cinemas: Social Media

When you are in the movie business, there is no shortage of content. We have helped Carolina Cinemas kickstart their social media platforms and maintain a posting schedule. By developing a posting rhythm, they can consistently inform their followers with relevant content without getting lost in the weeds.

Carolina Cinemas: Reputation Management

Updating with consistent information across search platforms is critical for any business, especially when there is a change in name or location. With Carolina Cinemas’ new name and other information changes, First Flight has updated their online listings and maintains their information across 75+ search engines. With our reputation management services, we monitor these search platforms and alert the theater to incoming reviews for prompt acknowledgment and response.