What We Did

  • Brand Revitalization
  • Website Design
  • eCommerce
  • Photography/Videography
  • Social Media
  • Event Marketing

As an emerging name in the local foods market, Ithíka Acres Creamery had its hands full. From herding and milking goats to managing a high-end goat cheese production on-site, they simply didn’t have time to build the framework to market and sell their products at a higher capacity. They needed a concentrated focus on penetrating the local foods market to kickstart a following and grow their brand beyond local lines.

The Problem

Ithíka Acres Creamery started as Ithaca Acres, named after Homer’s The Odyssey. However, with a popular name like Ithaca, they ran into some trademark problems. Our creative team began brainstorming on keeping the familiarity behind the name while ensuring no further trademark issues. 

Ithíka also needed help expanding sales beyond the local farmers’ markets they attended a few days a week. Their website lacked product promotion and an eCommerce platform for their lines of cheeses, soaps, and lotions.

Our Solution

Our solution was the new Ithíka—this is not how the name is usually spelled or recognized today; however, after research on the topic, this spelling is the original in the Greek language. Ithíka Acres Creamery was thrilled that we could create a solution that worked with their vision. 

As part of the new website, FFA developed an eCommerce platform with professional photography, complete product details with shipping and local pick-up options, thus widening Ithíka’s sales reach beyond the farm and farmers’ markets.

Ithíka Acres: Website

A beautiful farm, a passionate family, and delightful goats create a compelling story. We built a new website for Ithíka that brought the spirit and charisma of the farm directly to the user through videography and photography. FFA further helped solidify a growing following for Ithíka through creative social media posting that featured smiling goats and delicious cheese.

Ithíka Acres: Video

Ithíka Acres: Events - Goat Yoga

people doing yoga with goats

With a revitalized brand and a new website, there was still a missing piece. We learned from the Carters, and firsthand with our visits to the farm, how delightful the goats are in person. How could the customer connect fully with the brand and experience the sheer joy of interacting with the goats beyond a typical farm tour? Goat yoga, of course! Partnering with TicketMeSandhills, FFA helped to start a series of goat yoga sessions at the farm. Participants also sampled Ithíka’s cheeses and beauty products at the events. Sharing the farm experience in an up-close and personal way bridged the gap from farm to table.