What We Did

Multi-Channel Advertising

Locals Only emerged in a thriving North Carolina tourist area to create exceptional parties and events for Moore County locals. The popular themed events, featuring local DJs, have become a big success while all proceeds benefit local charities.

Print Advertising & Merchandise

First Flight designed posters with visuals reminiscent of vintage concert posters and underground zine graphics that utilized one-color palettes for a high-contrast effect. After the initial Funk the Open campaign, First Flight kept the continuity of the feel of the events with similarly-styled posters for subsequent Locals Only happenings. The imagery was meant to be as irreverent as the name of the events and evoked a sense of connection that only locals would understand. Incorporating the poster design, First Flight designed corresponding printed souvenir-style tickets for each event.
T-shirts were also designed to support the printed collateral and screen-printed limited edition signed and numbered posters.
event posters