What We Did

Print Advertising

Before launching their new daily newsletter, North Carolina Tribune’s brand needed to come to fruition visually. First Flight created a conceptual logo and brand guidelines that established how they would visually communicate their message from the newsletter platform to multi-channel advertising. Utilizing the NC government landscape and the voices behind North Carolina Tribune with videography allowed them to state their purpose and illustrate their vision while visually establishing their brand.

NC Tribune: Logo

The publisher’s idea behind the North Carolina Tribune is, “If it’s happening in North Carolina government, you’ll see it here.” We visually captured the new brand’s purpose when creating their logo using shape and color to reflect North Carolina Tribune’s transparent and non-partisan stance. The clean simplicity of the logo allows for multi-channel use, from stand-alone branding to overlays and other innovative designs.

NC Tribune: Video

We conducted interviews with key leaders within the North Carolina Tribune organization against a backdrop of prominent NC cityscapes and government locations to create an overview that expounded upon the brand’s mission.

NC Tribune: Print Advertising

Building the North Carolina Tribune brand from the ground up allowed our creative department to visually explore what the logo and tagline could accomplish together in advertising. Steering the brand development through those gates led us to a versatile finished product that works on any promotional platform and easily incorporates imagery into the message while clearly communicating its purpose.