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The Pilot newspaper, the local news cornerstone for Moore County, North Carolina, launched Pilot Radio in 2021 to further engage their readers with the sounds and stories of the Sandhills. We helped roll out their streaming radio station into familiar waters with a fun and significantly southern splash.

Pilot Radio: Logo

For over 101 years, The Pilot newspaper has served its vibrant Moore County community in North Carolina. In 2021, Pilot Radio, a streaming radio station, was launched to deliver a unique listening experience featuring local news, podcasts, and a Golf Rock-inspired music library that has become the sound of the Sandhills. 

(The Pilot Newspaper Logo)

First Flight Agency was tasked with designing a logo for Pilot Radio that would play on the existing logo for the newspaper, thus creating an immediate visual connection between the two. Pairing The Pilot’s familiar green block lettering with a guitar volume knob, instead of The Pilot’s compass image, playfully added a touch of audio nostalgia to the history-rich brand.

Pilot Radio: Website/ App

Accessing Pilot Radio needed to be seamless and hassle-free. First Flight Agency built a website, pilot-radio.com, that supports 24-hour streaming of the station, a flowing clickable schedule, podcast hub, and locally submitted playlists. Streaming tunes include band/musician biographies and photographs for an immersive experience. First Flight also developed a multi-device app for streaming the station with easy access to podcasts, local news, and playlists to accompany the website.

Pilot Radio:
Web/Print Advertising

Conveying the distinctive mix of journalism, music, and local culture in print and web advertising was executed successfully through deliberately loud messaging, with sassy southern calls to action, presented in a vintage concert poster style. Memorable headlines like “Peanuts in your Pepsi” and “Have y’all heard the news?” dialed the Pilot Radio’s launch up to an eleven and created a buzz in the community