What We Did

  • Brand Revitalization
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Logo Redesign
  • Photography/Videography
  • Paid Search
  • Multi-Channel Advertising

Before working with us, Pro Contracting Services (PCS) ownership suspected that the brand ID might not accurately reflect the growing brand’s core. It was time to modernize and allow for smoother communication across digital channels to capture clients in a highly competitive market.

old Pro Contracting Services logo

The Problem

old Pro Contracting Services logo

Digging into the business and educating ourselves on what makes this company tick, we quickly realized that the current ID, the road construction character, and the winding highway illustration were problematic. The current logo and tagline did not convey the right message. Their website lacked capabilities that would allow for proper digital marketing and streamlined customer communications.  

new Pro Contracting Services logo

Our Solution

new Pro Contracting Services logo

PCS is a company that operates on the notion that when you take pride in your job, it shows. They needed to put forth a look, tone of voice, and feel that was centered around one simple idea; PRIDE. The overall look would be bold, clean, and well organized. With a new look and new tagline that reflects the brand, further brand communications have been developed. From shirt and truck graphics to a new website, across the board, PCS has a new look that they can be proud of.

Pro Contracting Services: Website

With a total rebrand, PCS had a golden opportunity to tell their story, projecting that notion of Pride on the Job through their website. With all-new photography, including images of their new logo on staff work shirts and hats along with informative and personable videography — PCS could communicate with potential clients on a more professional yet friendly level. Fitted with the new videos, images, logo, detailed services pages, and a comprehensive contact form for quick communication and personalized job quotes directly from the PCS team, their website was ready to go to work.

Custom Built Instant Quote Tool:

Pro Contracting Services: Video

FFA brought Pride On The Job to life with videography. Coupled with footage of PCS on the job, the owner was able to speak directly to the user and tell about his services in a personable way, describe the business’s mission, and further the story of Pride On The Job.