Other Brands We've Elevated

Smaller budgets shouldn’t mean smaller thinking. We have a deep commitment to the community in which we live and do business. We believe that every business we partner with, big or small can be a success.


Artistic Kitchens

For Artistic Kitchens’ redesigned logo, we implemented a highly-stylized letter A, reminiscent of a corner cabinet, thus placing the company’s renewed focus on cabinetry front and center as the primary visual of their new logo.

Emi Allen

Emi Allen’s logo design is a perfect example of artistically styled fonts becoming visual representations. Emi Allen’s initials were thoughtfully placed together to create the image of a bird’s eye view of a person sitting at a desk—fitting for an HR firm.

Karimu Tanzania

Karimu Tanzania needed to communicate their mission of helping Tanzanian women realize their potential. We designed their new logo to tell their story visually. The shape of the African continent served as a headdress on a woman’s silhouette, with her gold earring marking the location of Tanzania.

Building Engineers

Building Engineers, a statewide education initiative providing high-quality STEM programs and utilizing the engineering design process in daily instruction, needed an easily recognizable logo for their organization’s collateral and presence within the school system. For their design, we “built” a modern skyline that stretches across the state of North Carolina, which aligns perfectly with the reach and mission of Building Engineers.


Dining Guides

Sometimes, it is good to go off-screen. The Dining & Moore Guide produced by the Moore County Telephone Directory has been a community favorite for locals and visitors for over a decade. The magazine-style dining guide includes a tasty cover, ads for area eateries and other local businesses, and restaurant listings sorted by cuisine type.

Emi Allen

To complete Emi Allen’s new brand, we designed business cards for her as well as mail correspondence pieces. A clean, simple design for both, utilizing the new logo as the focal point. The brand-minded design included the blue tone from her logo on the envelope flap to create a polished and sophisticated stationery set.


The Crunkleton

The name Crunkleton is intriguing on its own; however, mix in the quick-witted proprietor of the bar and his jovial and sometimes sentimental explanation of his concoctions, and you have a recipe for an engaging video series. Recognizing your organization’s spark or engagement factor and bringing it to video can be a driving force in reaching a new audience and reaffirming your base.

Smith Anderson

Smith Anderson came to us looking to communicate the uniquities and values of their law firm through video. By capturing interview footage from their partners, the team’s diverse perspective and mission came into clear view with a solidified message.

Business North Carolina

We worked with Business North Carolina Magazine to create videos featuring their annual small business awards winners and their hosted industry roundtables. Shooting on location with the winning businesses allowed for BNC to deliver a visually compelling story to their audience along with the essence, personalities and uniquities of these companies. BNC doesn’t just report on business; they also host roundtable discussions with business leaders from various industries across the state, sparking discussion on relevant topics and trends. Presenting these roundtables via video was the best way to engage with their audience and further these discussions.

Capital Investment Companies

We worked with Capital Investment Companies to produce three videos about the organization. Interviewing as many employees as possible allowed for a powerful message about CIC’s team atmosphere and operations to unfold. In an authentic voice and setting, video marketing allowed them to show who they are and what makes them different from other investment firms.


Interior Systems, Inc.

Interior Systems, Inc, a North Carolina-based furnishings supplier for commercial and educational settings, needed to revamp and relaunch their website. Focusing on user experience with more visual representations of their products and highlighting key information about their business is how we helped ISI succinctly deliver their message to potential clients.

North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals

Sometimes you don’t have to market harder; you have to market smarter. North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals printed and mailed a quarterly newsletter to a sizable list. By switching them to an email marketing platform, we could help them effectively reach the same audience, increase engagement, and save tens of thousands of dollars in production costs and a considerable amount of time. A highly customized, professionally designed, interactive email newsletter is an incredibly affordable and smart way to spread your organization’s message.

Business Listings and Reputation Management

Most high-intent traffic moves through various search engines before they click on your website. Many search platforms contain information about your business that is not always correct or consistent, which can negatively impact your search rankings.

Our team is equipped to start managing your information on the top and most critical search engines. We help maximize search results, improve your reputation, and foster positive reviews.