What We Did

Brand Revitalization
Website Design & Development
Logo Redesign
Sales Collateral

First Flight Agency developed a brand and multiple marketing solutions, including a website, for WEG Surgical Solutions. WEG is a small but powerful disruptor in the medical industry, and they needed an online presence that reflected their experience and showed off their medical device. 

The Problem

WEG Surgical Solutions is a forward-thinking group of innovators with a very specific technological edge to their products. Their existing I.D. didn’t reflect the nature of what they design and produce. The hexagonal shape was a bit vague, considering that the surgical drapes they market are specific shapes designed to perform a certain way.

Our Solution

First and foremost, address the name. Separating the letters feels much more representative of three distinct names rather than a word. Next was to address the mark itself. WEG’s bread and butter product is a round warming blanket with a proprietary design that sets them apart from their competitorslet’s make use of that shape. With the addition of a new tagline, we also freshened up their typography, allowing the new brand I.D. to reflect this brand more accurately.

WEG Surgical Solutions introduced an innovative solution to operating rooms, and they needed a website that could also act as a sales tool. The site shows potential customers how to use their product, and more importantly, why it is so crucial that operating rooms make this upgrade. 

WEG Surgical Solutions: Video

WEG wanted to be clear about exactly how easy it is to use their product. No better way to accomplish this than video. Our team put together a quick video demonstrating the WEG Surgical Solution’s medical device. 

WEG Sales Collateral

The WEG sales team needed some “leave-behind” collateral. This information packet was designed with the photography and “look and feel” used across the website for both brand and information consistency.